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Dr. Yandell and Dr. Nightengale are very excited to announce our new addition to the clinic...the Bax AURA.  The Bax AURA is a revolutionary, FDA approved machine that is capable of decreasing neurologic stress.  Studies show that Neurologic Stress is capable of causing allergic symptoms, and making those symptoms extremely uncomfortable and bothersome on a person's life.  An allergy is nothing more than an inappropriate response to a normally harmless substance.  Because of this, the high-tech machine can help with symptoms from seasonal, food, or environmental allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Fatigue, and much much more.  All of this can be achieved without the annoying scratch tests, injections, and even medications. 

This new technology functions somewhat like the diagnostic machine that you place on your car when it breaks down.  The computer is able to scan the symptoms of the vehicle, and then let us know what is going on.  The same idea can apply to the body. 

Call us today to find out more information, and to schedule an appointment...(405) 341-7246.   Also, you can check out www.biovedawellness.com.